Tips From Household Movers: How to Downsize Before a Move

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How to Downsize Before a Move

You have finally made that decision to move, so now comes the difficult and time-consuming process of deciding what items to keep and what to discard. Downsizing is inevitable if you’re moving into a space that is smaller than the one you are occupying. You may have electric equipment and furniture that you like but cannot take with you since they are too large for your new apartment.

The crucial thing to do when moving into a smaller house is to declutter before the move. If you do not know where to begin, you can ask for assistance from the household movers near you. Also, here’s some pointers on other steps you need to take:

Take Inventory

The most important step when planning to downsize is to take stock of your items. Go through the entire house and decide which items are important and which ones no longer matter.

Think about the space your new home offers and sell anything that appears too large. You can buy other smaller versions of the items once you have entered your new home.

Make Money from a Garage Sale

Organizing a garage sale can be daunting, but you can earn some cash in the process. After you have identified the items you no longer require, ask your friends, neighbors, or relatives to help you put up a garage sale. There are two benefits to this process: you’ll have fewer items for moving, and you’ll earn some cash you can use to pay for the moving costs.

Hire Reputable Household Movers

After downsizing, you are now ready for the move. Since you only have a few items left, moving will be more economical and easier. Hire the right household movers to help you with the packing and transportation process. After decluttering, selling and donating, you require the help of professionals so you can sit back and relax. Moving experts have the equipment and skills to ensure your items are safely transported to their destination.

Stay Organized

When moving to a smaller home, you’ll need to get creative even after decluttering. Make better use of your vertical space by installing shelves in the closets and on the walls. You can also use furniture which doubles as storage units such as the area tables with drawers, trunks, and ottomans. Every space counts so make sure all the items are put in their right places.