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Moving and Storage Solutions in Albany, NY

Moving and Storage in Albany, NY & Surrounding New York Areas

Moving and Storage Solutions in Albany, NYJust as our name implies, when you use moving and storage services from The Ideal Move, you can expect the best. With years of experience serving customers, we apply lessons learned to everything we do. Our entire staff continually works to improve on already excellent services to exceed customers’ expectations.

Many moving companies offer either moving or storage services, but not both. At The Ideal Move, we have a full spectrum of solutions in these categories. For moving, a team of dedicated and highly trained individuals will show up at your home or business, and work systematically to have your possessions loaded and ready for transport in no time.

Although our moving and storage teams work extremely fast, they never compromise on quality. This same crew can assist you with any packing and unpacking needs, disassemble your furniture and then reassemble them at the new address, or disconnect stereos, computers, and even IT systems, again reconnecting everything as part of our services.


Superior Local Storage in Albany, NY With The Ideal Move

At The Ideal Move, we stand proud of the services we provide. Even with outstanding solutions, we keep our prices competitive. We know all moves tend to cause stress. The last thing we want to do is add to that, which is why we customize plans based on each customer’s needs and find solutions to fit the budget.

As for your storage needs, we can accommodate that as well. Regardless of what you store, extra inventory, collections, appliances, furniture, work documents, and so on, our facility has state-of-the-art security. As part of that is a 24-hour surveillance system keeping watch over the facility and its units.

To safeguard your assets, we offer the following:

  • Surveillance – Keeping a watchful eye on your possessions are 24-hour surveillance cameras strategically placed around the property.
  • Lighting – We also have excellent illumination. Not only does the inside area of the facility have proper lighting, but it also has walkways and the fenced-in area.
  • Coded Entry – With passcode-protected entry gates and a fenced perimeter, only employees and people using the facility for storage in Albany, NY, can get inside.
  • Fencing – Surrounding the facility, we maintain tall secure fencing.
  • Individual Locks and Door Alarms – Whether using something you already have or renting from us, both locks and door alarms add another level of protection.

In addition to transporting cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, trailers, jet skis, RVs, and more, we can store these larger items at our facility. The bottom line is that The Ideal Move has all the right services for your upcoming move or storage needs. We can even provide you with high-quality boxes and packing material at an affordable price.


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