Covid-19 Update: Yes, we’re open! Now offering online estimates. The Ideal Move values the well-being and safety of our clients and team members. 518-205-3862

A Covid-19 Moving Plan from Reliable Movers in Albany, NY

Work With Reliable Movers in Albany, NY & Surrounding Areas During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the current COVID-19 implications, moving companies are essential and have been up and running during this crisis. Our team and reliable movers are here to help you during these tough times. We know that many moves cannot be postponed or scheduled, so that is why now offer virtual moving in-home estimates.

At The Ideal Move in Albany, NY, and surrounding areas, we have taken the time to train our reliable movers’ social distancing measures and precautions. Health risks and financial burdens are challenging when moving nowadays; that is why we are working to be as flexible and helpful as possible during this time.


Virtual Moving and Storage Estimates

To keep up with social distancing recommendations, we are now offering virtual moving and storage estimates. Our estimates will allow our agents to discuss and plan precisely what you will need us to pick-up and delivery during your move. Layouts will be planned, entryways and accesses to both locations will be discussed, the weight of your belongings, number of items and boxes to go in the truck, and more. Just like our regular estimates, this service is absolutely free.

Appointments can be scheduled over the phone or via email. This service is to keep you and your family or employees safely distanced while planning out the move with our reliable movers. On a moving day, we ask all participants to follow social distancing guidelines, and we also recommend that the new location you are moving to is completely disinfected for your safety. CDC approved disinfectants are Lysol, Clorox, and bleach. Save some time and money by making your own bleach with five tablespoons of bleach mixed to every quart of water.


Contact The Ideal Move

If you have any questions or concerns about how our services have been impacted and how we can help you to plan your move, please do not hesitate to call us at The Ideal Move. We are here to help. Are you planning a move? Contact The Ideal Move in Albany, NY, and our reliable movers for more information or to schedule an estimate for our moving and storage services today.